"At two occasions, Attila Görög has given a guest lecture on terminology in the context of my introductory course in translation studies (“Theorie en praktijk van het vertalen”). My students and I very much liked the clearness, lucidity and vivacity of both lectures."

Dr. Eric Metz
Assistant professor of Translation Studies and Czech Literature (University of Amsterdam)

"I experienced Attila as a very professional, well organized and structured person."

Lukas Erlmeier
Consultant Cogs Agency Ltd.

"An expert of the computational lexicon - strong recommendation!"

Anne Tamm
Researcher at the Central European University

"Attila is my colleague at the Centre for Dutch Terminology (Steunpunt Nederlandstalige Terminologie). In fact, at the centre he is the spider in the web. Attila handles all daily activities, he is important in the organization and planning of our activities and he is a major factor in determining the strategy of our centre. He is a bright, creative and dedicated colleague, a great organizer, a good speaker and a true professional when it comes to terminology and translation. And most important, he's a really nice guy to talk to."

Hennie van der Vliet

Assistant prof. at VU University Amsterdam, coordinator Dutch Terminology Service Centre

"Attila is a knowledgeable professional with profound expertise in various CAT-tools. He is proactive and highly customer-oriented."

Nathalie De Sutter
Sales director at CrossLang

"Attila has great linguistic and translating skills, but there is more. He also has a good understanding of the translating process and a unique and innovative approach to support translators in the extraction of terminology, text alignment and other high level methods that make the translating process more effective and improve the quality of the translations. He recently started his own company "Exacterm" where he supports translators to set up and maintain this "collective memory". No doubt that it will be succesfull. His deep knowledge and enthousiastic personality make it a great experience to work with him."

Arjan Krans
Knowledge and Information Manager at Clifford Chance Hong Kong

"Attila is bridging disciplines, offering a unique service to an emerging market: very strategic, visionary and smart."

Eelco Fortuijn
Director of (Dutch sustainable consumers organisation)